Friday, October 9, 2009

Did You Know...?

Did you know that the Australian Government has completed a deal with CSL to buy 21 million vaccinations for the Australian people and they start Australia’s single biggest immunization program ever on the 30th September 2009? – see Did you know that the Irish Government is making it Mandatory? there is a huge list of articles on the right hand side of this article – all on the H1N1 along with further info and videos you can watch. Did you know that the UK Government is planning mass vaccinations? Did you know that a Baxter International research facility in Austria sent a quantity of the H3N2 viral material to 18 European Laboratories? Watch this - Here is information about the law suit filed against Baxter & Avir: Did you know that 4.9 Billion Vaccines have been made for the H1N1 flu and they are about to be administered around the globe voluntarily to begin and eventually planned to be mandatory? Mass Vaccination Documents Leaked -Part 1 -Part 2 Ok so the vaccine is coming but what does this really mean for you? Of course, everyone has free will to do what they want but before you make your decision, we just want to bring many important facts to your attention before you run out to get your shot…. Take some time to read and watch the links below and you maybe shocked about the real facts of the H1N1 Flu…. This is the stuff the Governments won't tell you…. If you want more info on the affects of what this vaccine for swine flu can do along with the real facts of the swine flu then go to: Here is an interview by Dr Mercola talking about the Vaccine: -please disregard any advertising on this video. As of August 28th 2009 (update 63) ( ),there have been 2185 deaths world wide from H1N1. Compared to seasonal flu, this does not constitute a pandemic, let alone justify mandatory mass vaccination with a vaccine that will have dangerous side effects and little proof of efficacy. Approximately 36 thousand Americans die from seasonal flu every year, 200 thousand are hospitalised. Between 250 - 500 thousand people die from seasonal flu world wide, also resulting in three to five million cases of severe illness. Theworldwide 2185 deaths from H1N1 virus, does not constitute a pandemic yet alone grounds to begin mandatory vaccination around theworld. This doesn’t make sense to us and it seems there is some higher order or reason to be running this scare campaign aroundthe world. There is also a massive cost to each tax payer along with a huge profit being made by the manufacturer of the vaccine. While we are on manufacturers, can you believe a company called Medimmune filed a patent on the latest H1N1 flu more than a yearbefore the first case? Yes you heard, a year before the swine flu started!!! Don’t believe us then watch this…. -H1N1 SwineFlu Virus Patented by Medimmune Back in 2008 Funny that the Australian government can't even come clean on the actual cost yet they have put in an order for 21 million H1N1vaccinations and there are only 21 Million people in the country! If that is not starting to look like mandatory vaccination then what is? Why would the Government buy 21 Million Vaccines at a cost they can not even tell the tax payers of Australia about if they didn’t have a plan to max vaccinate? You be the judge…–Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says near the end of the article and we quote… Ms. Roxon was unable to put a precise figure on the cost of the vaccine. "There are some confidentiality issues. We have a private contractual agreement with CSL for the priority provision for this vaccine," she said. "I have made clear on the record before that it is over $100 million. It is not appropriate for us to be itemizing the exact cost, given the commercial interests that are also at stake." Personally we find that very interesting that the government who has gone into contract with CSL can not give the Australian people (who will be consuming the vaccine should they choose tohave it) an honest answer of what this vaccine is going to costthe tax payers nor the real facts behind the vaccine. It is really interesting that CSL the makers of the vaccine have posted a tidy 63% profit also: Some more interesting sites, articles & videos worth reading & Watching before you make your choice to be vaccinated…. action you can take if you are a US citizen Bioterrorism Evidence - 134 page document - US troopers reactingto flu vaccine US National Vaccine Information Center Other non-relevant Articles about what is going on right now:Ok, what can you do? Choose to take it or choose not to take it? Your choice of course…. If you do decide to take it please follow Dr Mercola’s steps in this video - If you don’t decide to take it, stand up and be counted now,please! Please tell everyone you love and care about what is really going on with the H1N1. There is a game being played bythe powers to be and now more than ever before, the people of the world need to stick together to defeat the barrage that is aboutto be onslaught to the world's people. Don’t believe us that there are some serious games going on? Even world renown actor and bad boy Charlie Sheen has stood up addressing President Obama asking questions about so many things in an Address on the anniversary of the 9/11 bombing – see: Don’t know who is really controlling the world right now? Watch this video and make up your own mind…. on the right hand side of the video you will see a lot more to watch. Feel free to research more at your own free will…Believe what you will from it… We believe there is a game being played in a big way right now and you need to know about it to assist you with the decisions you make for you and your family and to take action. If what you have read and watched has you wanting to take action and you live in Australia then Michael Bending of Alliance forHealth Freedom Australia has a petition against mandatory swine flu vaccination on his site, he is aiming for 100,000 signatures and has only just posted it so there are less than 1000 so far. He needs as many health-wise people to sign this petition and send the message to Rudd and Roxson that mandatory vaccinations are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. The link is: Read the letter on the right hand side along with review the links in the letter. You can also send a copy of the letter to your local member if you live in Australia. If you are not from Australia, research this more in your local country and make a stand now! Please take action with your research today – time is ticking fast! Please take it upon yourself to research the internet in your own country. Please google any of the following; “H1N1Vaccination” “H1N1 vaccine” “H1N1” “H1N1 Update”“H1N1 Forced Vaccinations” to get you started. Please pass this message on to as many as possible before it is too late.

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